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Congregation Beth Jacob, Galveston, TX

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During the summer of 2008 Hurricane Ike ravaged the city of Galveston and left no building untouched. Especially hard hit was Congregation Beth Jacob, the first Jewish congregation in Texas, founded in 1854. Its synagogue suffered water and wind damage and vandalism. According to the Rabbi, the stench was so strong you needed a mask just to breathe. As they began to clean, they soon realized that the task was insurmountable and hazardous to their health. The congregation was looking at a physical and financial disaster. Begal Enterprises had crews on the island servicing commercial customers, and was able to begin immediately salvaging the facility. For the next two weeks crews worked twenty-four hour days until the damage was remedied and the synagogue was ready to reopen.

Today the congregation is stronger and more vibrant than ever, serving more than 1700 families from a facility that was once feared lost.


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